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Mind Unwind Foundation is putting art back into schools.

In School Programs

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Fall after school classes and camps are now on our events page.

After School Programs

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We hold classes and camps at our West Seattle location and in your child's school.

Mind Unwind Foundation

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Mind Unwind Is Making Art Happen

The Mind Unwind Foundation Mission

We put art and creativity into education

The Mind Unwind Foundation is an arts driven non-profit supporting all ages to engage in artistic activities that encourage artists of all skill levels to use their creative imaginations in everyday life. 

We Offer:

  More about Mind Unwind Foundation

The Mind Unwind Foundation works with districts, schools, PTAs, and individual teachers to “get art and creativity back into education”.

Learn how to get our programming into your school.

Mind Unwind Foundation’s fall schedule is now live.

Browse Mind Unwind Foundation’s full calendar of classes and camps.

You are a big reason Mind Unwind Foundation continues to put art and creative thinking back into the lives of our students. Learn about our mission and how to become involved with Mind Unwind Foundation.

Learn how to Donate, Volunteer, or become an Instructor.

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