Mind Unwind Foundation Puts Art Back Into Education

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We strive to bring art and creativity back into education

The Mind Unwind Foundation is an outreach program that primarily works with Elementary School students to encourage creativity and art in after-school enrichment programs and in-school classroom projects. Our secondary outreach is for Middle School and High School students to gather their volunteer hours while shadowing working artists. They learn not only the practicality of setting up for classes, washing paint brushes and the general grunt work of art as well as social media marketing, promoting art shows, exhibits and classes.


We Offer:

  • In School Art Programs
  • Volunteer opportunities for teens

More about Mind Unwind Foundation

The Mind Unwind Foundation works with districts, schools, PTAs, and individual teachers to “get art and creativity back into education”.

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You are a big reason Mind Unwind Foundation continues to put art and creative thinking back into the lives of our students. Learn about our mission and how to become involved with Mind Unwind Foundation.


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 Looking for Summer Art Camps? Check out our camps!

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