✧・゚:* HELLO *:・゚✧

comrades-deul I’m backk aha sorry for starving you guys. I’m a lazy potato so this took me a week to edit lol but since i starved you guys I’m working on another binjin video ahh~

I’m really sorry if this part doesn’t really have that many proofs but i hope you guys still enjoyed it ^^

Btw who’s excited for baeksang awards??? I’m really excited to see our mum and dad (especially our mum because she’s busy gardening these days lol)


»some of music i used are from 샛별 – daystar

» i only own the edit 😛

»stan : #hyunbin #sonyejin #binjin

»the voice in the video is obviously not mine so please don’t bash me for any wrong pronunciations


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