MSI’s Titan returns as the GT75. Ready to take on any workstation or gaming tasks that you can think of, here is our full length review covering all aspects of this new high end laptop.

Product Page:

As part of the normal update process the RTX 2080 is now available in a laptop form factor and being paired with Intels Core i9 8950HK to give you the most powerful mobile computer possible.

What MSI has focused on is a high performance screen with 144hz for competitive gamers or a 4K 60hz screen for those who need more screen realestate. To back the processing power is the ability to run 5 M2 formfactor SSD’s and a single 2.5″ drive for mass storage.

At max capacity it can boast 128GB of RAM and has other performance features such as the SteelSeries keyboard or Killer brand networking chips.

We will walk you through the entire system with this full length, in depth review.

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