Karah Pino teaches paper arts and meditation at Mind Unwind.

You can visit her Art Gallery at www.KarahPino.me

Here is her story:

I am a mother. I am an artist. I am a meditator.

I graduated from the UW with a BA in Interdisciplinary Visual Art in 1998 with experience in Jewelry and other Metalworking, digital production, graphic design, and paper arts.  After nearly 15 years freelancing in many fields, I’m excited to have the opportunity to teach paper arts to children and adults with a focus on Origami and Creative Collaborations!

I began teaching Unwind your Mind  (formerly called Meditation 101)  through the Experimental College at the University of Washington during the 2009-2010 school year.  The class evolved, refined and focused on offering people newly interested in meditation a sampling of techniques to discover for themselves the benefits of meditation and find which style works best for them.

Meditation was the first class I took my first year at the UW way back in 1993! I Graduated from the School of Visual Art.  I enjoy teaching meditation to students and the public. I could have not possibly known at the time what a profound role meditation would take in my life.  After 4 years of  graduate school in Asian Medicine, and a three year recovery from a car accident I began to fully realize how powerful a tool meditation is for health, happiness and  living a full life. It is wonderful to be able to share it with others.