Is buying a used workstation-class notebook as good as a modern mainstream gaming laptop? Joel Michael reviews the HP ZBook STUDIO G3 from 2016 to find out!

So it has come to my attention (read comments below) that HP followed up the HP ZBook G3 15 with a “Studio” version (the one featured in this review). I was unaware of this before I reviewed this particular notebook. My apologies for the incorrect labels and commentary. I have decided to not correct this video and to not re-upload a new version. This short correction and apology will just have to do.

What sets the Studio version apart from the regular G3 is the chassis is thinner and the battery is smaller and doesn’t last as long.

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HP ZBook G3 2016 Specs:
-Intel Core i7 6700HQ (6MB L3 cache up to 3.5GHz)
-Nvidia Quadro M1000M 4GB GDDR5
-256GB Samsung NVMe SSD (2GB/sec read)
-15.6″ 1080p Matte IPS

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