How to replace the RTC Battery for HP ProBook 450 G7 Laptop

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If the unit contains heated components, wait until the components have cooled off before proceeding.

– Put on your electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist or shoe strap to avoid damaging any circuitry.
– Place an ESD mat on a suitably grounded surface, and then place the unit on the mat.
– Remove any devices from the unit being serviced, such as CD-ROMs, SD Memory Card …etc.
– Power off the unit and any peripheral devices that are connected to it.
– Disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet and then from the unit. When a unit is plugged into an AC power source, voltage is always applied to the unit. You must therefore disconnect the power cord from the power source before opening the unit.
– Disconnect all peripheral device cables from the unit.


Ensure that you have the tools you need before you begin. These should include:

– Small, Phillips-head (P1 and P0) screwdriver
– Small, flat-bladed screwdriver or a flat-bladed alignment tool
– Tweezers
– Electrostatic discharge (ESD) wrist or shoe strap
– Smooth jaw, bent-tipped needle nose pliers (optional)
– Small, smooth-tipped needle nose pliers (optional)
– Flashlight (optional)

NOTE: If worn or damaged screwdriver tips are used, the small screw heads could become stripped.


Ensure that you take the following precautions when disassembling a unit:

– Label each cable as you remove it, noting its position and routing. This will make replacing the cables much easier and will ensure that the cables are rerouted properly.
– Keep all screws with the component removed, if applicable. The screws used in each component can be of different thread sizes and lengths. Using the wrong screw in a component could damage the unit.
– If the unit contains light-sensitive components such as toner cartridges, store the component in its original packaging or in a dark location to avoid damage.


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