For “work” purposes, internet browsing and flash-based gaming, this laptop is fantastic. Upgrade it to the free Windows 10 and you’ll be even more satsified with its performance.
+You get a 500GB HDD with at least 450GB accessible and 50GB Box Cloud storage account for life, with a maximum file size limit of 250MB.
+2 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0 SS
+HDMI out
+Core i5 with 4GB of RAM – upgradeable to 16GB.

+low heat, low system noise, good input devices, and long battery runtimes (7 hours with power saving features turned on)

+There is an OPTIONAL Samsung SSD drive from HP-direct when you have the system built.

The only downsides are:

#1 lower resolution screen: 1,366×768,
#2 low-end intel Graphics without acceleration for 3D gaming (non upgradeable)


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