Facebook Shops for Small Business | How to Sell Products Directly Through Facebook (New Facebook Update)

In this video I discuss the new Facebook Shops feature and share with you why and how your small business will benefit from Facebook shops.

This week Facebook launched ‘Facebook Shops’. This feature allows small businesses to sell products directly through Facebook. Customers can buy your products without even leaving Facebook! Facebook now offers a complete end-to-end user experience.

Small businesses can now simply create an online Facebook store and start selling products. The great thing about this new Facebook feature is rather than your customers going to your website to buy products, they can simply purchase directly through Facebook without even leaving Facebook!

► Here are some of the features of Facebook shops is an absolute game-changer for small business:

1. 02:18 No website or existing eCommerce website to start selling with Facebook shops.

2. 02:38 Only a small fee per transaction, as Facebook will make the majority of their money through paid ads.

3. 02:57 Facebook shops are EXTREMELY fast and responsive. Creating a better user experience for your customers and ultimately increase your conversion rate.

4. 03:16 There are many powerful integrations with important apps including, Shopify, Woocomerce, Bigcommerse and others.

5. 03:24 Currently, Facebook and Instagram support the Facebook Shops feature. However, this will eventually extend to Whatsapp, messenger and other apps.

7. 03:34 Augmented feature so customers can try products before buying through Augmented reality.

8. 03:43 Facebook provides an end to end consumer experience, as the entire process is on Facebook including many end to end tools. There is no waiting for slow pages or jumping between website links. The entire marketing and sales funnel are done through Facebook.

Let me know if you found Facebook shops break down helpful. Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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