Benchmarking and reviewing Acer’s Predator Triton 900 gaming laptop, a mighty machine with a 4K IPS flip display, GeForce RTX 2080 graphics and premium specs. This Predator is one of the best gamer setups of 2019, although it ain’t cheap either.

Like the Alienware m17 and Asus ROG Mothership, the Triton 900 boasts Nvidia’s super-powered RTX 2080 GPU. That built-in 4K screen can really make the most of it too, pumping out crisp visuals with complete sRGB and Adobe RGB coverage.

The rest of Acer’s laptop specs are just as strong. My review model came packing an Intel Core i9 chipset and 32GB of RAM, so gaming is a silky smooth experience. And overclocking is simple thanks to the Turbo button, which boosts the CPU and GPU performance – as you’ll see in our benchmark results.

So if you’re after a gaming laptop in 2019, the Triton 900 is one of my favourites so far, despite its massive size and understandably rubbish battery life. It may not be portable, but Acer’s gamer is certainly a beast which blasts through the latest titles no problem.


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