Until last week, new moms had to travel across the bridge (gasp!) to learn infant massage. Now Mind Unwind is hosting an infant massage class every Tuesday from 10:45 till noon. Instructor, Therese Henning is a long time massage therapist and a new mom. When Therese realized that she had to travel all the way to North Seattle or Madison Valley for a class with her infant, she partnered with Mind Unwind to host this new class.

“We feel this is a convenient resource for the West Seattle Community. I see how many new moms frequent Caffe Fiori next door and I am confident those moms will love walking or driving a short distance for a wonderful class.” says Mind Unwind’s proprietor, Krystal Kelley.

To pre-register, visit https://www-12e.bookeo.com/bookeo/b_mindunwind_start.html?ctlsrc=1349818663162&type=2124W973X139D64B05DF