Infant Massage Class Comes to West Seattle

Infant Massage Class Comes to West Seattle

Until last week, new moms had to travel across the bridge (gasp!) to learn infant massage. Now Mind Unwind is hosting an infant massage class every Tuesday from 10:45 till noon. Instructor, Therese Henning is a long time massage therapist and a new mom. When Therese realized that she had to travel all the way to North Seattle or Madison Valley for a class with her infant, she partnered with Mind Unwind to host this new class.

“We feel this is a convenient resource for the West Seattle Community. I see how many new moms frequent Caffe Fiori next door and I am confident those moms will love walking or driving a short distance for a wonderful class.” says Mind Unwind’s proprietor, Krystal Kelley.

To pre-register, visit https://www-12e.bookeo.com/bookeo/b_mindunwind_start.html?ctlsrc=1349818663162&type=2124W973X139D64B05DF

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